We can offer

  • Technical yarns – in tailormade blend of fire-retardant Polyester / Polypropylene / Nylon / Glass / Viscose / Linen / Metal fibres and more
  • Technical fabrics – in wide range of grams per square metres, grey and coated with piece length up to 5.000 m

Many innovative weave designs can be achieved.

Our suppliers are certified with several certifications as for example:
ISO 4589-2, ASTM D2863:1987; IS-13501:1992; ISO 6491:2003,  BS 3119,  IS-11871:1986; ASTM 1230:1984; NF P 92 503, 504, 505, 507; NFPA 701:2004 (Class-1); ISO 15025:2002 (Index-3);  IS 15758:2007 (Part-4);  BS 5867:2008 (Part-2),  UIC-564-2-OR (Appdx-5); FAR 25.853 (b); NCD 1409; Class – A (Specification: C-K-607)

All Technical products are tailormade and could not be given in the website for discretion purposes.

We shall be glad to help you developing your individual quality. Looking forward to your requirements!